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But Dont Spam, in some subreddits, they host weekly competitions, opportunities to get feedback on your music and amir kheirmand vinner mästerkocken collab, and more. Before I just post something thats a little bit promotional, I wanted to ask you if its okay. Direct message some of the guys on there and tell them that youve been an active member and ask very nicely if you can promote. I noticed /r/entrepreneur really likes long case studies. Heres a quick step-by-step rundown of how to make it work. The people who are solid though do get a lot of attention. Ive read a lot of posts on the web that karma doesnt matter. Reddit is a huge forum with different subreddits which are like sub-forums for you to hop in and talk to people. If you've been posting in the subreddit that you created, with your own music and some interesting information about yourself, theres a good chance that the people viewing your post history will also check those out. If you cant get mods to post for you, then youll have to do it yourself. There is no magic key to reddit. You can't go in there and say, "Hey, check out my music." It doesn't work like that. Now Reddit has tried to shy away from some of this whilst simultaneously attempting to make themselves profitable. Create an Account, before doing anything, you need to create an account Reddit. Karma happens when you contribute meaningfully to discussions on the platform and its a very organic thing. And since theres not a big profile with a lot of information about like most social networks, Redditors will usually look at your previous post history to learn about you. The final thing that I see Reddit power users doing and which I have had a fair amount of success with is using other peoples content. This simple truth is going to get you more karma and a bigger following than just about anything else. Instead I find groups that are more lenient with their policy.

Does this method take time, see exactly what theyre doing and try to replicate. Awesome, what I like to do is to go into subreddits where I know a lot about the topic like rentrepreneur and just answer all the questions with deep meaningful answers. For a long time it was actually the premier place that companies might try to push themselves online. Make sure you have a group of yourself friends that will upvote your post right after you post. The first thing to realize, use, so dont just go on there and post oneword answers.

This is a place where you can promote yourself in anything you.Luckily for musicians with great music, Reddit is an excellent.

Then the second thing you should do is start your own subreddit. Get 50 karma, most Recent, reddits admins are aware that accounts with high karma are worth a lot to the right buyer and they try to limit that behavior Hell theres a subreddit making bra motivering tävling fun of people trying träningsprogram gym tjej gratis to get karma for stuff like that. If your niche doesnt have any of these subreddits. It becomes hard for your post to make the front page. Each subreddit responds to different things. The main goal of this is to form a community for you to post your music. Its a giveaway of my brand XXX and its super relevant to the XXX subreddit.

Hey Ive been active on the subreddit for a while now, and its been a blast. .Next, you should join an active subreddit like /r/MakingHipHop and start contributing to the discussion.Reddit gets 150 million pageviews per month, so needless to say you can get tons of free traffic.

If you cater to the fact that they are fucking bored and want someone to entertain them then you are going to find some of the success that many of your peers desperate for attention in share your band threads are going to lust for.

Reddit is a tricky one to promote yourself with.
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Vi har här samlat serier av brädspel som både är populära och ofta har en och annan expansion för att du lättare ska kunna få en överblick över dem.