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with a smaller carbon footprint. In May Apotek Hjärtat became the first pharmacy chain in Sweden to charge for plastic bags in order to reduce consumption. High standards of animal welfare Animal welfare is an important issue for ICA Gruppen. Since ICA Sweden saw this as a sustainability project, the focus was also on environmental benefits rather than maximising profit margins. Climate-smart stores The largest carbon footprint from ICA Gruppens operations is made by stores. Product examples included cauliflower marketed as zombie brains and blue potatoes as spider torsos. The tests are easy to carry out and provide valuable recommendations that may be of great importance for the individual concerned. Med start vecka 39 kommer även frukt räddad från. Examples of activities ICA Gruppens world of suppliers ICA Gruppen does business all over the world, which räddad means taking responsibility across borders. ICA Sweden donated money to the project for each pack of ICA s ethically produced peas sold. Today more than. Every product that ICA Gruppen sells must meet the quality standards set by the Group and the world around. Made purely with Swedish milk, it is another way to develop the range of Swedish dairy products. ICA, sweden as private label products contain Swedish meat. Ambitionen är att få ut all frukt till. At ICA Sweden, extensive work is also being conducted to replace plastic packaging on ICA s private label products with more sustainable alternatives. Retailers searching for farmers To expand the locally produced range and increase sales of Swedish food, during the quarter ICA Sweden launched a new ordering portal that facilitates business relations between local vendors and ICA stores. ICA, sweden, growers have invested in growing and storage so as to extend the season for Swedish root vegetables by two months from eight months to ten. All the Minute Clinics are directly adjacent to an Apotek Hjärtat pharmacy or Maxi. At the same time, the existing bags made from crude oil were replaced with new, more eco-friendly plastic bags made from sugar cane a renewable material. I höst ska vi testa ett returflöde av äpplen från butik, eftersom den svenska äppelsäsongen generellt sett medför ett högre svinn än andra delar av året, säger Peter Hägg, sortimentschef frukt, grönt och blommor. It also holds less air, allowing transport to be further optimised. The project was completed in October this year, with good results. ICA s world of suppliers Certification to ensure standards are met We work in a structured way with tools and models that have been created to ensure that the products we sell and handle meet external and internal requirements and standards. In 2017 a new hard cheese called Folke was launched. ICA, maxi-butiker i södra Sverige. Through products that address issues concerning additives, allergies, trends and lifestyles, ICA Gruppen can spread information and inspire customers to make conscious choices on a daily basis. The reduction is largely thanks to long-term efforts within the areas of energy, refrigerants and transport. Employment for newcomers ICA Gruppen is taking part in the 100 Club, the Swedish Governments initiative aimed at providing more jobs for people coming to Sweden. The portal is now accessible for independent ICA retailers and vendors throughout Sweden. ICAs samarbete med Rescued Fruits startade i maj 2016 och gör det möjligt att förädla frukt som annars skulle gått förlorad.

ICA Sweden has created a circular system ica räddad based on insects 104 142 internal inspections were conducted. ICA, since ica räddad 2014, since this started, food waste becomes fish in insect based circular system In partnership with the Swedish foodtech company Nutrient. Sweden has been working with the Federation of Swedish Farmers with the aim of expanding its offering of Swedish products in stores and supporting development and growth in Swedens rural areas. ICA, among other things, extensive work on reducing the volume of plastic Numerous initiatives are being carried out in ICA Gruppen to gradually reduce the total volume of plastic used.

Winners of the second and third prize goes to Fredrika Bruu who highlights ICA s cauliflower rice as both useful, climate smart and delicious and to Liise-Lotte Vilimaa who loves.ICA Räddad, frukt as it both reduces the waste by using leftover apples from ICA s stores to make juice and as the juice tastes good.

Improving terms and opportunities ICA skapa Gruppen is taking part in Global Deal. For both its private label products and products from other suppliers. During the year ICA Sweden conducted 102 analyses focusing on food fraud. Entirely eliminating the carbon footprint is not currently possible. A global initiative for social dialogue and better terms in the labour ica market that was initiated by Swedens Prime Minister.

To effect change and get more women into senior positions, 2017 saw the start of the ICA 50/50 initiative.ICA, sweden and Rimi Baltic are working in various ways to increase the amount of locally produced food in the product range, as well as to support rural areas and contribute to keeping communities alive.The juice is then sold under the.

During the quarter new establishment was completed in Moraberg, in which geothermal energy systems was installed.

Presenting the winners of plmas 2018 International Salute to Excellence Awards, honouring retailers for innovation and quality in the creation of their private label programmes.
ICA Räddad, päronmarmelad med Ingefära, iCA Räddad Äppelmust Naturell.
ICA Räddad Äppelmust Kanel, iCA Räddad Äppelmust Ingefära.

Under hösten lanserar ICA inom sortimentet räddad frukt en must baserad på äpplen och päron.
Framöver kommer ICA tillsammans med Rescued Fruits även titta på att ta fram nya produkter baserade på olika frukter och grönsaker.
Ica, maxi Kristinehamn samarbetar med värmländska bönder och.

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