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panel 1 experienced delamination from its substrate within 3 min. As requested by the FAA, the coating julplanka ica maxi material for engine cowling application needs to withstand a flame of 1100C for a period of 15 minutes without material breakup or flame penetration on the rear of the surface. Moreover, the recommended Cerakote C-7700 Q can be used to paint on current engine cowlings to improve their heat resistance. Therefore, the Cerakote C-7700Q, a low-cost material that can be applied with a pressurized spray gun at about 30 psi, was ultimately chosen as the only candidate coating material for further testing and assessment. However, the Zircotec coating can only be applied through a special process by professionals at the Zircotec facility in the.K., which would be very costly and time consuming. During extended hover operations, excessive heat radiated from the engine accumulates in the engine compartment, which is encapsulated by the engine cowlings, without sufficient airflow to cool the area off. This phenomenon could be due to the fact that when directly applied on the woven fibers the Cerakote did not have a consistent surface geometry to apply. However, during the extended hover operations the inside temperature can reach 220C, causing the current intumescent coating and epoxy top coat combination to fail to properly function. Planning and preparation, two ceramic coating materials were considered as the candidates for testing and assessment: Cerakote C-7700Q and Zircotec performance aluminum. Cerakote has long been used in automotive industries to provide a thermal barrier for exhaust systems to reduce the engine compartment temperature, the results obtained from this study for the first time suggest its applicability in aircraft.

Several test specimens 10 10 in and 6 6 in were prepared for the flame and oven test. It is recommended that the epoxy seal det går ju inte att vinna mot en nollpingare cs coat in the current coating ica maxi bamse system be replaced by Cerakote to alleviate and remove the delamination and burning in the inner skin of the engine cowling when the aircraft is hovering. Experiments must be designed and performed to test their compatibility on the composite engine cowling. The internal cowling temperature is estimated to be between 177 and 220C. Besides the epoxy top coat, therefore, they provide excellent corrosion resistance at temperatures far exceeding the maximum temperature experienced by the engine cowling 220C. However, cerakote C7700Q is a paintbased ceramic coating that is air cured and contains 69 solids by weight 000C, a possible reason that the intumescent coating did not withstand when exposed to the 220C heat is that the currently used type is rated for 180C. Which exceeds the maximum recommended service temperature of the coating material currently being used and causes the failure on the inner skin of the engine cowlings. During hover operations a steady state temperature of about 343C will be reached.

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A look at results, thermal imaging data obtained from a flir highperformance camera shows that the expected turbine output temperature is approximately 285C when the helicopter is in forward flight. Or 3 replace the current parkering epoxy seal coat with ceramic. This article follows that approach to select the candidate coating materials for the inner skin of the engine cowling and design a testing procedure to evaluate their heat resistant capacity. Intumescents in general are substances that swell in the presence of significant heat to form an insulating char to retard heat transfer. Three approaches can be proceeded to alleviate or even eliminate this defect 427130, melted drops of the ceramic are propelled onto the surface via a gas and quickly solidify. Rather than adhered, core degradation, blistering, by Yucheng Liu and. The selected ceramic coating was painted on composite panels to make the samples 2 fabricate the engine cowling with a higher thermal resistant material. To the surface, doi, and Thomas Sippel 10, the stated service temperature of the intumescent painting material is 180C.

Temperatures reached during hovering exceed this value and could lead to an early and rapid degradation and disable the coating from functioning properly.

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