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averse to making purely functional improvements for its connecting to apple tv with macbook air upgraded models. Soundmagic's acoustic engineers have configured the, e10C to create exciting sound with powerful bass and balanced musical detail. Fortunately, we dont have to because the new SoundMagic E10C in-ears sound the same as the model they replace. You get big fun bass, but also enough high-end flavour to conclude, within two bars of music, that these earphones are easily worth their money. Its a shame you dont get any Comply foam tips (the best fit you can get without ultra-expensive custom moulds) but thats pretty much my only complaint given the bargain price. The SoundMagic E10C have an extremely populist tone. The metal build is tough to beat for the price, and the twisted cable returns for extra durability. Buy Now: SoundMagic E10C at from 39 m from 49, verdict, a great new remote, paired with the same top-quality SoundMagic E10 sound. Weighty bass response, clear vocals and sparkling trebles. Sitting comfortably in the earcanal, the. E10C has been equipped with a 3-button remote with automatic switching between Apple and Android smartphones for interchanging devices with ease.

That bright red cable is definitely eyecatching. But you can get a more subtle black version if you like. A full threebutton setup that doesnt penalise Android handset owners. And an adaptor plug for phones that dont get on with some earphones spel game remotes. In the little carry case youll find a miniadapter cable designed to let svenska spel omaha you plug the earphones into laptops with separate earphonemic sockets.

Soundmagic, e50C Noise Isolating In Ear Headphones with Refined Sound and.Speaker/ headphone testing (as recommended in an audio shop) are.

Related, the, mobile connection without compromise, if you havent yet come across the SoundMagic E10 series. Compatible with all smartphones, track control and telephone calls, but if youre after a bassier sound then thats no bad thing. Machined in soundmagic one soundmagic piece, best Headphones 2016, e10C incorporates a microchip in the 3button remote that switches automatically between Apple and Android smartphones.

The SoundMagic E10C have fairly wide aperture, standard silicone tips and perch happily on the outer part of your ear canals, rather than digging in as far as possible.

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SoundMagic, e10C in-ears sound the same as the model they replace.
SoundMagic, e10C review: Affordable earphones with a new remote that.

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You don t need to spend a fortune to get musical excellence, though.
SoundMagic s, e10C is, hands-down, the best pair of in-ears you.